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 ====== Digital Electronics ====== ====== Digital Electronics ======
 +Digital electronics provides utmost flexibility,​ reconfigurability and
 +long term stability when processing discrete time radiofrequency samples,
 +properties sought when analyzing ultra-stable oscillator properties. Also
 +known as software defined radio, digital processing of radiofrequency signals
 +requires a combination of multiple skills to achieve flexible and stable
 +instruments such as composite clocks, phase characterization bench and
 +closed controlled phase feedback loops. Because of the complexity of
 +adressing all fields related to digital electronics ranging from radiofrequency
 +signal acquisition (fast analog to digital conversion) and digital pre-processing
 +taken care of in FPGAs, to transferring to a general purpose processor (Linux
 +kernel space drivers) and implementing user space digital signal processing
 +algorithms, a dedicated library has been developed which is being released
 +at https://​github.com/​oscimp/​oscimpDigital
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